11 Jun 2024

The High-Impact Manager: 5 Essential Training Courses

High-impact managers don’t just oversee tasks: they inspire, guide, and elevate their teams to achieve exceptional results. Here are five essential courses run by Realise that can transform your management skills and make work better:

  1. Management Essentials: Lay Down the Foundations of Effective Management

Understanding the core principles of management is the first step toward performing a high-impact role. Training in management essentials covers crucial areas such as delegation, delivering feedback and how to have effective one-to-one meetings. They can help you create a solid foundation for your team’s success and ensure smooth, efficient operations.

  1. Performance Management: Create High Performing Teams and Individuals

Performance management is about more than just annual reviews; it’s a continuous process of setting expectations, monitoring progress and providing feedback. Training in this area teaches you how to create a culture of accountability, high motivation and excellence.

  1. Coaching Skills: Adopt a Coaching Mindset for Better Leadership

Adopting a coaching mindset can significantly enhance your leadership capabilities. Training in coaching skills equips you to guide and support your team members’ development. By asking the right questions, listening and encouraging self-reflection, you help your employees grow. This not only boosts their confidence and competence, but also fosters a more engaged, independent and motivated workforce.

  1. Emotional Intelligence: Better Understand Yourself and Others

Emotional intelligence (EI) is the ability to understand and manage your own emotions, as well as recognise and influence the emotions of others. Training in EI helps you develop greater self-awareness, empathy and self-regulation. These attributes are crucial for effective management, as they enable you to build strong relationships, handle stress, and navigate the complexities of interpersonal dynamics. High EI leads to better decision-making, clearer communication and a more harmonious work environment.

  1. Build Relationships: Strengthen Relationships, Improve Collaboration and Tackle Conflict

Strong relationships are the backbone of any successful team. Training in this area focuses on communication skills, trust-building and conflict resolution. You will learn how to foster a collaborative culture where team members feel valued and understood. Effective relationship-building skills enable you to address and resolve disagreements constructively, leading to a more cohesive and productive team.