Why Bite-Sized?


Humans successfully learn things in bite-sized chunks; think about how we learn a new language or get better at sport. Learning at work should not be any different. 

All of our courses are short, focused and easy to find time for – making them much more effective. 

The Evidence

  • Higher Participation: Short sessions are easier to find time for so more people will choose to attend and fewer will drop out. Our training courses are either 60 or 120 minutes long – so as easy to fit into someone’s diary as a meeting.
  • More Effective: Short bursts of high-intensity exercise get you fitter faster than endurance training. Bite-sized learning helps you acquire and apply new ideas more effectively.
  • Cost Efficient: Not only is the training itself cheaper, you also save on another very significant cost – participants’ time. 
  • No Bloat: Bite-sized doesn’t mean ‘less’. It means a ruthless focus on the things that matter. You’ll get to the learning outcome faster, remove irrelevant theories and remain focused on practical, applicable tools. 
  • Works for modern attention spans: In this digital age our attention spans are shrinking. A recent study by Microsoft concluded that the human attention span has dropped to eight seconds – shrinking nearly 25% in just a few years. For people to stay alert and engaged, training needs to be short and focused.

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