About Us

We are Realise

We deliver bite-sized training sessions to tackle the problems of the modern workplace (including wellbeing, productivity and innovation). With a keen focus on sharing practical tools and techniques employees can apply to their day-to-day work, our training makes a real difference. View our frequently asked questions of how we work.


A Better Way to Work

We spend a third of our lives at work. Knowing that, it is important we feel rewarded and energised by what we do. Yet, survey after survey suggests that half (or more) of all employees feel disengaged in their work. This is a huge loss of human and business potential that needs fixing. 

At Realise, we will show you how to work better. With us, you can say goodbye to the outdated and ineffective modes of working we are all reliant on and find a better way to do things. We’ll provide the techniques and tools needed to navigate packed schedules, get better work done, handle complex relationships and more.

We can’t spend a third of our lives not getting the most from what we do. There’s a better way to work and we will show you how.

  • “45% of working days lost are due to stress”

    - Health and Safety Executive -
  • “Managers spend at least 25% of their time resolving workplace conflicts”

    - The University of Oklahoma -
  • “Skills in critical thinking and analysis have declined as our use of technology has increased”

    - UCLA -