Our training approach is designed specifically to suit the demands of the modern workplace – and how people learn and change today.


Given what we know about shrinking attention spans and hectic schedules, we never think a full day of training is a good idea. All of our sessions are as easy to fit into someone’s diary as a meeting. Employees often find it challenging to find time at work for training - with us they don’t.


To drive company-wide change, training should not be reserved for a select few. It takes the majority to establish the behaviours around the concept of ‘how we do things here’. We design and structure our training with the aim to benefit as many employees as possible.


Our sessions are a unique mix of insights & theories, exercises & activities, planning & fun. We understand that when the mind has to work, the learning sticks. You won’t find us preaching or using endless powerpoint.


Successful training which achieves behaviour change is a journey and not an event. We put in place the right measures, support and tools to integrate our teaching into the work you do. This includes everything from ‘nudge’ reminders, practical toolkits and manager lesson plans. Practising with our material is the only way people will use it and become better at what they do.


We are experts in how people learn and change - drawing on the latest research from psychology, neuroscience and behavioural economics to understand how people perceive, remember and think. We are proud to say 93% of employees change their behaviour as a result of our sessions.