04 Mar 2019

How to stay productive while working remotely

These days it is pretty standard for us all to work from home at some point – some of us may do it every day and others just from time to time. Working remotely definitely provides a number of perks – including no commute and limited distractions from work colleagues. Undoubtedly though it also presents its own set of challenges to staying focused and productive. Here we provide our top tips to get the most out of working from home:

Have a designated space
Make sure you have a designated space to work from at home. It may be tempting to work from the sofa or bed but you’ll never get great work done from there. We tell people to avoid spaces they associate with free time and relaxation. Instead, establish a clean, organised and designated space where you can give your work the full attention it deserves.

Stick to a schedule
When working from home, many people tend to “float” through their day, rather than sticking to a firm structure. It is really important to start and end your work day on as much of a schedule as possible. Structure your day like you would while working in the office. Have a start and end time – and a designated time for lunch. Be clear on what you want to complete by the end of the day, and make sure you do.

Dress for work
This means not staying in your pyjamas all day. Get dressed like you are going into the office – it will help you shift your mindset from relaxation mode to work mode.

Set boundaries with friends and family
When you are working from home, many people do not understand that work hours need to be respected. Communicate clearly with friends and family when you will be available during the day. With time, people will come to respect that you cannot be bothered during work hours.

Schedule calls
Just because you work remotely does not mean you have to cut off all verbal communication with the outside world. Scheduling calls often gets tasks solved more quickly and efficiently than emails. Regular contact with the outside world is also really important to keep you motivated and in touch.

Remove distractions
We find the main culprit when working from home is social media. Remove distracting sites from your toolbar. You may also want to try some nifty tools and apps that block you from distracting sites in the daytime. Try SelfControl, Freedom, KeepMeOut, FocusMe, and Stay-Focused.