24 Aug 2017

5 tips for working more productively

1. Write your to-do list the night before

This helps you start your day with clarity. Kicking off a day without a plan can lead to reactive work or procrastination.

2. Keep your to-do list actionable and simple

When you are adding items to your list, take a few seconds to add them in a way that will help you take immediate action. This is the difference between writing just ‘Expense report’ and the more action-focused ‘Enter receipts into spreadsheet’. Additionally, never add more to your daily list than what you can complete in that day.

3. Write it down on paper

Writing things down by hand makes us remember and recall them better. As this study found.

4. Plan for the unexpected

Those of us that like to plan, often leave no time for the ‘unplanned’. Make sure you leave some time in your day for unexpected tasks. Also plan for some breaks – you’ll be more productive for taking regular breaks.

5. Remember everything takes longer than you think.

It is better to accomplish a handful of things and do them well, than to feel demotivated because you have only completed half of your to-do list. Being able to cross everything off your list builds momentum and boosts the habit of finishing.