07 Sep 2018

We are rounding off the week with 5 interesting things we have found. Read away…

It’s nothing like a broken leg…

Perhaps one of the best articles we have read outlining what mental illness really is. Although more conversation around mental health is great, more understanding is still needed, and this article does a great job of explaining why.

How to fail with Elizabeth Day

A recent podcast we are loving. It tells stories about how we learn more from our failures than successes and why we need to start embracing them more.

Top bosses reveal their secrets for getting things done

Getting things can done can be hard for all of us. In this article, some of the world’s top business leaders share their secrets to not getting bogged down in the detail. 

Things that are more valuable than perks for workplace happiness

An article we wholeheartedly agree with. It looks at why employee wellbeing is so much more than free lunches and massages.

It’s time to stop this competitive sleep deprivation

We all often show off about how little sleep we can go off. But we really shouldn’t. Sleep is one of the most important things we can do for our work performance and long-term health.