01 Feb 2019

Here are 5 interesting and insightful pieces we had to share with you from the world of employee performance and wellbeing.

The secret to winning an argument

There’s a lack of training and knowledge in how to deal with disagreements effectively and constructively. This article shares some great tips.

Appreciation is the single most sustainable motivator at work 

We rarely express gratitude to our colleagues and the workplace is ranked as the last place where people are regularly inclined to say thank you. Yet people who are explicitly thanked for their work can be up to 50% more productive afterwards. 

Running from the pain

Exercise can be a very effective way to treat depression. 

The power of listening in helping people change

Giving feedback is important to performance but when people are paired with good listeners they are more self-aware and report higher clarity on how they should proceed. 

Are you having trouble focusing? 

You are not alone – we all are in this digital age. These simple strategies will help though.