21 Jun 2017

Our favourite wellbeing apps

Here at Realise, we are keen to not let tech rules our lives, zapping our time and energy. Some tech, however, can really add value to our lives and wellbeing. As such we’ve listed our favourite apps to help us lead healthier and more fulfilling lives. Give any of them a try and see how they help you.

This app tracks your sleep patterns and will even wake you up at your optimum time. It also provides lots of practical advice to help you sleep better.

Pedometer ++
Pedometer ++ allows you to use your phone as a step counter. With more deaths now linked to inactivity than smoking, we think it is pretty essential to get your 10k steps in each day. This app helps you do just that.

This app helps you get some peace and quiet away from your phone. It ensures you are fully present in the moments that matter – especially moments with friends and those close to you.

Sugar Smart
Concerned with how much sugar you are consuming but confused by nutrition labels? Well, with the help of this app, scan any food label and find out exactly how much sugar it contains. You’ll have fun with this app and it really helps you think twice about what you are eating.

Many of you are hopefully already using this one. But it’s a great way to help you learn how to meditate and take time out of your day. Meditation helps you stress less and cope better with daily demands. If you’ve not used it yet, we suggest you download it now.