19 Jan 2018

5 wellbeing rules to live by in 2018

If you are looking for ways to improve and look after yourself in the year ahead, then look no further. Below are some habits we are looking to embrace in 2018.

Be more social

Find opportunites for social engagements – exercise classes, volunteering opportunities, more real-world meet ups with friends. Connecting with others is a basic human need. Nothing makes us feel more alive than social contact – you’ll discover things and the contact will spark ideas like nothing else.

Self-care is essential

Self-care is a necessity and not just a luxury, helping you to feel more energised and less overwhelmed. Do what works best for you – walks, baths, reading. Just make 2018 the year it actually happens.

Get sweaty

Yes, everyone talks about exercise in January. But nothing helps cognitive health like physical health. It improves blood flow to the brain so not only will your physical appearance improve, your thinking will too.

Unplug from time to time 

Technology demands more and more attention from us, causing stress and anxiety. Choose some time to disconnect every once in a while. Maybe try turning the phone off at 8pm?

Invest in learning 

We can become complacent in this area. Yet learning new things helps us improve and develop ourselves like nothing else. Read relevant materials in areas that interest you, try podcasts and make an effort to attend relevant events in and out of work.