Wellbeing in the workplace has never been a more topical issue. Stress, burnout and anxiety are all soaring. Mental ill health now costs UK employers the equivalent of £1300 for every employee (MHFA England). Something has to be done to support mental health and wellbeing in the workplace and managers are in the perfect position to do this.

This training equips managers with the knowledge, tools and strategies needed to create a work environment that enhances wellbeing. We’ll address issues such as how to discuss wellbeing at work, stress management and promoting a healthy workplace culture.

You will leave with a deeper under-standing of the vital role managers play in fostering wellbeing and a toolkit to support the personal growth of your team and yourself.


“Only 49% of employees presently feel that their employer supports their mental health.”


  • Why supporting wellbeing as a manager is so important
  • Manager behaviours to support wellbeing at work
  • How to have wellbeing conversations with employees
  • How to develop the skills needed to identify a wellbeing issue and address it
  • Stress-management techniques you and your team can use
  • How to form wellbeing plans for you and your team


  1. An understanding of a manager’s role in supporting wellbeing.

  2. Improved confidence over how to discuss wellbeing at work.

  3. Techniques to manage personal and team stress.

  4. A solid reputation as a business that supports the wellbeing of its employees.

Our Methodology

  • Bite-Sized

    All of our sessions are short, focused and easy to make time for.

  • Interactive

    Our training style is unique and we don’t use PowerPoint. We understand that when the mind has to work, the learning sticks.

  • Evidence-Based

    Our work is backed up by evidence from psychology, behavioural economics and neuroscience.

  • Effective

    With a focus on sharing practical tools and behaviour change cues, we help integrate our teaching into the work you do, instantly.



"The trainer was knowledgeable and shared personal anecdotes which made the session engaging."
- Participant feedback
"Tracy's style and knowledge make her a very engaging trainer and enables the room to get fully involved in a safe environment."
- Participant feedback