Resilience is a critical attribute in today’s workplace. It empowers individuals to not only navigate challenging experiences but also learn and grow from them. Moreover, enhanced resilience has a significant impact on business growth and productivity, fosters logical problem solving and promotes improved team relationships.

In this session, we will equip you with a diverse array of strategies to instil the mindset, behaviours and skills that define resilience.

You will learn how to develop and improve your own resilience levels as well as support the resilience of others, even in the most challenging of circumstances.

“In the midst of every difficulty lies opportunity.”
- Albert Einstein


  • Explore what resilience means
  • Understand key pressure points at work
  • Examine thought patterns and how to reframe challenges
  • Skills to reduce anxiety and stress
  • How to balance activity with rest and recovery
  • Ways to help team members develop a more resilient and positive approach to pressure


  1. Enhanced ability to cope with adverse situations

  2. Improved stress management

  3. A toolkit of self-care practices

  4. Knowledge to support team members in pursuit of greater resilience

Our Methodology

  • Bite-Sized

    All of our sessions are short, focused and easy to make time for.

  • Interactive

    Our training style is unique & we don’t use PowerPoint. We understand that when the mind has to work, the learning sticks.

  • Evidence-Based

    Our work is backed up by evidence from psychology, behavioural economics and neuroscience.

  • Effective

    With a focus on sharing practical tools and behaviour change cues, we help integrate our teaching into the work you do, instantly.



"Everyone should attend this course."
- Participant feedback
"Great tools that will be easy and helpful to put in place."
- Participant feedback
"I now understand what resilience is, how it will help me and how I can make myself more resilient."
- Participant feedback