Listening is the key to all effective communication and simply hearing what someone is telling you is not enough. Ineffective listening can put up barriers, cause misunderstandings and damage relationships. Conversely when we ‘actively’ listen we pay full attention, read between the lines, notice non-verbal communication and ask the right questions.

In this session we will introduce you to ‘active’ listening and show you how it can transform your working relationships and job performance.

“Listening is the first learned, most used and least taught of the four basic communication skills.”
- listening/speaking/reading/writing


  • The importance of listening
  • Tests to see how well you listen
  • What makes a great listener
  • Common listening pitfalls
  • ‘Active’ listening and how to develop it in yourself


"Absolutely spot on."
- Participant feedback
"The exercises were fun and engaging."
- Participant feedback
"Great interaction with colleagues and the booklet was an excellent support. "
- Participant feedback