The training sessions are over but transferring the learning back at work is not. Making sure employees incorporate what they have learnt into their work is how skills strengthen and job performance improves. Employees need to ‘do’ and not just ‘know’.

Follow-up coaching can help. Our group sessions give your employees the chance to feedback, get help with stumbling blocks and make sure the training you have invested in really takes root. 

"The goal of coaching is the goal of good management: to make the most of an organisation's valuable resources."
- Harvard Business Review


  • Reflection on core skills
  • Coherent summary of the learning concepts
  • Personal assessment of successes and challenges
  • Relevant activities to remind of the key tools and frameworks
  • Coaching around personal concerns and clarifications
  • Different viewpoints and approaches from the group setting
  • Further implementation plans for the months ahead


"These sessions allow employees to consider the challenges they face at work - and how they can (and have) used their new skills in tackling them."
- Participant feedback