A group coaching session enables employees to discuss workplace challenges in a structured and supported way, led by an expert Realise coach. It creates an effective thinking environment and allows everyone to explore tools and techniques for the real workplace situations they are facing. It’s a great way to help employees solve challenges and find a way forward fast. It also opens up communication amongst the group which lasts beyond just the session.

This group coaching can be positioned as a training follow-up supporting employees with the transfer and application of their learning. It can also be used to tackle key problems or challenges employees are facing as they arise – related or unrelated to the training received.


"The goal of coaching is the goal of good management: to make the most of an organisation's valuable resources."
- Harvard Business Review


  • Identify key challenges or issues for change and development
  • Different viewpoints and approaches from the group setting
  • Share of relevant tools and frameworks
  • Work out and evaluate realistic options
  • Strategies to overcome potential obstacles


"These sessions allow employees to consider the challenges they face at work - and how they can (and have) used their new skills in tackling them."
- Participant feedback