Companies lose untold millions every year to unsuccessful projects. In fact, an eye-watering 70% of all projects fail to deliver what was promised (TeamStage). Now, amid economic uncertainty, more pressure is being placed on the success of projects than ever before. Equipping people managers with project management skills is one of the most effective ways of making sure work gets done successfully and efficiently.

Many think of project management as the exclusive reserve of the certified project manager.  But that is not true. Project management is an integral part of any team leader’s life. They need to be able to plan effectively, co-ordinate tasks, oversee work, align team members and make decisions to ensure work runs smoothly for all.

Through this training, we will equip every manager with the skills and knowledge they need to ensure every project (whatever the size or nature of it) is a success.

“Projects do not fail. People fail.”
- Harold Kerzner


  • Initiating a project and setting clear objectives
  • How to create a comprehensive and manageable project plan
  • A simple project management process that works for all situations
  • Key stakeholder management and effective channels for communication
  • How to build ownership through delegation
  • Ways to resolve issues quickly and manage risks proactively
  • Best practice for tracking time, resource and budgets
  • How to close and evaluate projects