41% of us now complain that meetings are our biggest time-waster at work (Shoretel). The truth is they are often irrelevant, time-consuming and badly run. We need meetings though; they are essential to communication, collaboration and decision-making. We just need to learn how to use them effectively again.

In this session we will show you how, transforming how you and your colleagues meet going forwards. We’ll also cover in detail how to get successful results from virtual meetings.

“On average, we now attend 62 meetings a month.”
- Atlassian


  • The cost and impact of meetings
  • When and when not to have meetings
  • Inspiring ideas for how to run meetings differently
  • Ways to succeed at virtual meetings
  • Practical tools and techniques to use in meetings
  • Ways to create explicit outcomes, decisions and actions


"Pleased that the company is taking interest in this subject."
- Participant feedback
"A really wide and creative list of ways to improve meetings."
- Participant feedback
"The pace, the focus and the anecdotes from other companies were great."
- Participant feedback