The future is uncertain right now. Adopting an ‘entrepreneurial’ mindset can help businesses adapt.  Entrepreneurs anticipate and create the future. They explore and experiment with new ideas, adapting quickly to evidence, and pivoting into new areas when needed.

In more established businesses, it can be challenging to foster an entrepreneurial spirit and work in a way that is more dynamic and agile. Yet, it has never been more important to do so. This session shows you how.

“Entrepreneurship is neither a science nor an art. It is a practice.”
- Peter Drucker


  • What an entrepreneurial mindset is
  • Inspiring case studies
  • Opportunities and challenges for entrepreneurial working
  • Techniques for uncovering completely new ideas
  • How to adapt quickly and ‘pivot’ when needed
  • Setting parameters to manage risk


  1. Cultivation of an entrepreneurial mindset focused on innovation, resilience, and adaptability.

  2. Mastery of the fundamentals of business ideation, including opportunity recognition and feasibility analysis.

  3. Ability to embrace failure as a learning opportunity.

Our Methodology

  • Bite-Sized

    All of our sessions are short, focused and easy to make time for.

  • Interactive

    Our training style is unique and we don’t use PowerPoint. We understand that when the mind has to work, the learning sticks.

  • Evidence-Based

    Our work is backed up by evidence from psychology, behavioural economics and neuroscience.

  • Effective

    With a focus on sharing practical tools and behaviour change cues, we help integrate our teaching into the work you do, instantly.



"Engaging delivery and great exposure to new ideas."
- Participant feedback
"The pace, the focus and the anecdotes from other companies experience and best practice."
- Participant feedback
"This was impressively run and very useful."
- Participant feedback