We tackle the problems that matter in today’s workplace.


The productivity growth rate still languishes behind what it was in 2007.

In an age of declining productivity, we need to look at a new meaning of efficiency.

We’re working harder but productivity is still declining.

We now have shorter attention spans than a goldfish.

Workplace procrastination costs UK businesses 76 billion a year, the equivalent of a tenth of the national debt.



45% of working days lost are due to stress.

50% of people are consistently exhausted from work. Up from 18% two decades ago.

46% of employees feel more stressed at work than they did 1 year ago.

50% believe low levels of resilience have a negative impact on workplace performance.

Over 50% of full-time UK employees said they have experienced anxiety or burnout in their current job.



Managers spend at least 25% of their time resolving workplace conflicts.

A lack of communication has become the number 1 reason for why people quit.

Businesses who were found to communicate effectively were 50% more likely to have lower than average rates of employee turnover.

We spend 41% of our day dealing with emails.



Skills in critical thinking and analysis have declined as our use of technology has increased.

63% say they do not have the time they need for ‘creative inspiration and reflection’.

Only 1 in 3 rate the workplace as one of their top 3 locations for creativity.

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