Relationship Management


Great work and progress is only accomplished through the collaborative efforts of many. Being able to build and maintain positive relationships is critical to the work you do. In study after study, strong work relationships have been proven to boost engagement, productivity and morale. This comes as no surprise – one of the most basic human needs is to feel connected. And even in this age of remote working, we need to work hard to make sure we are still working together.

There are many different interpersonal skills and strategies that go into building effective working relationships. The concept of emotional intelligence is at the heart of this – as are the skills of negotiation, influencing and managing conflict. These skills can be learnt – so we can all reap the benefits of strong working relationships with both fellow employees and customers.

The Evidence

  • 77% of workers would be willing to work more hours for a more empathetic workplace; meanwhile, 60% would actually accept a slashed salary for the same. (Businessolver)
  • 92% of HR professionals note that a compassionate workplace is a major factor for employee retention. (Businessolver)
  • Co-workers are the number one aspect of workplaces that drive employees to like their jobs. (TinyPulse)
  • 31% of employees feel that those in leadership positions value profits over people. (Washington Post)
  • It is estimated 20% of leadership’s time is taken up with managing workplace conflict. (CBI)