Communicating information effectively is an ongoing challenge in the workplace. And with us all struggling from information overload, this is only becoming harder. More often than not, a simple visual is the best way to communicate our point or a piece of information.

This session will show you how to produce visuals that help you better understand problems and find solutions. It will also introduce you to some of the slickest online tools available to help you create these diagrams and visuals.

“The ability to draw and communicate visually can no longer be seen as optional.”
- Bette Fetter


  • How our brains process images and diagrams
  • Ways to visualise data and information
  • Visualisation for communication and messages
  • Practical applications of the different techniques
  • Visualisation tools you can set about using


"So useful – this session will definitely make me better at what I do."
- Participant feedback
"Great examples and ideas shared."
- Participant feedback
"This session covered some great ideas."
- Participant feedback