Negotiation is something we all have to do at work – ranging from small discussions to big deals. Negotiations can be hard and they often feel like impossible situations to be in.

We will take you through important concepts gleaned from negotiation research. We’ll also help you understand the strategic and psychological aspects of negotiations. This session is highly practical, you’ll walk away with confidence over how to achieve desired results in any negotiation.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others.”
- African Proverb


  • Barriers to networking
  • How to introduce yourself and start conversations
  • Ways to join and leave groups with ease
  • Behaviours for building and creating rapport
  • Distinguishing different types of networks (on and offline) and how to use them
  • Building on relationships going forward


"Good amount of interaction with the group. Useful exercises."
- Participant feedback
"Excellent course and it was a real joy to learn from someone who is so relatable and honest."
- Participant feedback
"I liked how focused and interactive it was."
- Participant feedback