Covid-19 has redefined the landscape of the modern workplace at startling speed. Remote work will remain common practice (to some degree) at all companies. And one of the biggest challenges of this workplace revolution is figuring out the best approach for managing teams when you are not all sat together.

So with this new age of work, performance management also needs a new approach. One that is more collaborative, adaptive and individualised – and one that doesn’t require you to be physically close. We will show your managers how to achieve it. We’ll help them put in place the right strategies, motivators and processes to build stronger teams both now – and in the long-term.

“68% of employees who receive accurate and consistent feedback feel fulfilled in their jobs.”
- Clutch


  • The challenges of remote work and what to do about them
  • Key management behaviours needed during times of change
  • Remote performance and productivity measures
  • How to collaborate and work effectively together (while apart)
  • The importance of establishing a purpose and goals for your team
  • Managing engagement levels and how to turn around poor performance
  • Ways to motivate and reward your team
  • Establishing a team culture (despite physical distance)


"A really useful session to attend – lots of practical ideas I can implement."
- Participant feedback
"The best training course I have attended since being at this company."
- Participant feedback
"Right amount of detail. Fast-paced. Collaborative. Great to tap into each other's experience and knowledge. Reinforced the importance of Purpose and also personalising motivation and goal setting depending where individuals are in their role."
- Participant feedback