Email, and other forms of e-communication, are powerful tools. But they are also a near-constant source of frustration, anxiety and distraction. Email is a key element of our work yet few of us have had best-practise training on how to use it well. Instead it is something that disrupts and distracts us from our work.

In this session, we’ll lay out strategies and structures that will result in better (and healthier) email practices.

“The average person checks their email 77 times a day and spends nearly one third of their work week managing their email.”
- J.C. Klei


  • The pitfalls of email
  • The ‘rules’ of email
  • How to be an efficient email processor and organiser
  • Crafting emails that get noticed and actioned
  • A routine that puts you in charge of your email


"Some really practical tools that I have applied already."
- Participant feedback
"Engaging delivery and useful advice."
- Participant feedback
"Short and to the point. Very relevant."
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