For most of our working day, we are all under stress and pressure of some sort. Sometimes this stress can be a good thing – it helps us feel challenged and gives us the impetus we need to get work done. However, when things pile up and pressures get out of control, it can make us anxious and unable to cope with the challenges the workplace can bring.

Through a variety of exercises, this invaluable session will provide you with a range of skills and methods to help you better manage your stress and anxiety.

“45% of working days lost are due to work-related stress.”
- Health and Safety Executive


  • What stress is
  • Manifestations of stress and anxiety
  • Ways to challenge unhelpful thinking
  • In-the-moment stress busters
  • Methods for dealing with worry
  • Practical coping strategies


"The trainer listened to us really well and fully engaged with us during all the exercises."
- Participant feedback
"The trainer had a great ability to get everyone talking about something they wouldn’t normally talk about."
- Participant feedback
"I feel very lucky to work for a company that supports its employees in this way."
- Participant feedback