Suitable for everyone – not just managers

Resilience is a critical attribute in today’s workplace, particularly for those in demanding and challenging roles. Resilient people perform well under pressure and bounce back more quickly. Additionally, they communicate more clearly, build stronger relationships and have higher levels of emotional wellbeing. Resilience is not fixed though – it can be learnt and we will show you how.

In this session, we will introduce participants to the principles, skills and practices of resilience. We will help everyone put in place a practical plan to help them cope better with whatever work throws at them.

This session  is focused on effective strategies and tactics people can take away and put in place in their roles. It is ideally suited to those in challenging roles who face frequent set backs – we often run this session with sales and customer care teams.

“In the midst of every difficulty lies opportunity.”
- Albert Einstein


  • Explore what resilience means
  • Examination of how you presently respond to pressure and change
  • Identify your own resilience strengths and areas for improvement
  • Exploration of the ‘Realise Resilience Model’ and key resilience attributes
  • Practical strategies, tactics and tools to cultivate key resilience attributes
  • Development of personal resilience action plans
  • Examination of additional resources and support materials


"Everyone should attend this course."
- Participant feedback
"Great tools that will be easy and helpful to put in place."
- Participant feedback
"I now understand what resilience is, how it will help me and how I can make myself more resilient."
- Participant feedback